About Myself

I was born 2/25/1973 in Greenfield, Ma. I've always loved drawing and creating stories. I'm not sure if I could walk first, or hold a crayon in my little hand.
I currently write and draw for MAD Magazine. I've also written and drawn dozens of comic-books, as well as a half-dozen daily comic strips. I've been written up in the Washington Post, Wired Magazine, Salon Magazine, UK Daily Telegraph, Newsbytes, and even appeared on NPR.
The inspiration for Little Dee came from a few sources. I had created the character of Dee back in 1999 in another project I had been working on. The bear and the dog I had been drawing in holiday cards for my friends and family since middle-school. I started playing around with the three of them as a cast, and one day, while flipping through nature books, I came across a chapter on vultures, and thus Vachel was born. I've spent several years tightening the characters and preparing them for syndication, until they felt just right.
The text for Little Dee is written and edited on my computer before I begin to draw anything. I then pencil and pencil-letter the strip at a size of 7.75" x 10.12". After I layout the text, I pencil in the characters and background. I then letter and outline the frames with a Pilot Precise V7 pen. Finally, my favorite part, the inking. I use a small "0" 202 brush and Higgins Eternal Ink. Then I scan it in, clean up scratches or errors, and add the shading with "zip-a-tone" patterns I made.
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