There is something about a bucket on one’s head that I find funny. I haven’t the foggiest idea why, but I love it. And this strip was actually inspired by a previous bucket-head strip I did in Madge’s Diary (top strip on the page).

I also remember it being very enjoyable to make hats when I was a kid. I was never good at the pirate hat, due to the complex folding, and the fez was to erudite from my childhood self, but I definitely made an oatmeal carton hat once or twice.

A tangentially related side story: my elementary school, North Parish, was about four blocks from a nursing home. And so, every Easter (hmmm…. actually, it must have been Good Friday or something, but had an Easter theme) we’d make hats (often involving egg cartons, paper plates, and pipe cleaners) and then do a parade through the nursing home. It brought many smiles to the residents. I wonder if North Parish still does that. Hm.