Welcome back (and welcome new!) Little Dee began it’s run exactly 6 years ago, to the day. Upon request, I am running it again: this time with larger images (for better resolution), with some annotation, and with some of the early strips which have not been listed “for sale” will be now made available.

The archives are still up where they were, and the Little Dee book collection are still available through Topatoco.

And, just because there are not enough comics all-things-Baldwin, today I am also beginning the re-run of my daily comic strip Bruno, which ran for eleven years starting in 1996. (Bruno has some adult content).

And lastly, don’t forget to read my current comic Spacetrawler, which runs Monday and Wednesday (which also has some adult content).

↓ Transcript
wahhhhhhhhh sniff wahhhhh
wahhhhhh sniff wahhhhhh